The plan

After loosing a hard drive I thought it was time to look into upgrading a little bit. At home I run two systems 24×7 to take care of a couple of things. One provides me with a place to do the little bit of freelance work that I do. It’s an old Dell server running Fedora Core 6 on a single 40GB drive. The other one runs Ubuntu and is my MythTV/file server and is the system that lost the drive.

As I explained in a previous post, the plan is to replace the four 80GB drives with a pair if mirrored 500GB drives. I’d also like to cut back on the number of running systems in the house so this box will also either host my dev work directly on Fedora 8 or, by using XEN, run another instance of Fedora 8. I’m hoping that the new setup will still provide me with the network speeds I’m used to from the Mac Mini (~42MB/s) and provide the services I’ve grown used to while using less power. I usually look down upon the idea of spending money to save money but with one less machine running and three fewer drives spinning I should come out ahead by a good margin.

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