My outrage for the Macbooks lack of firewire was newsworthy

Some comments I made on the an apple discussion website has made the geek news. The comments by miniconvert are from me.

A number of people have pointed out that newer camcorders don’t use firewire anymore. That’s cool, but the issue isn’t just camcorders (though for me it primarily is). Others have pointed out that Apple likes to lead the way, they dropped the floppy first as well as PS2. At the time, very viable solutions existed, it was time for these interfaces to go away. When Apple introduced the iMac it lacked PS2 ports (or really, the Apple keyboard/mouse ports) but it didn’t really matter. That new computer came with a USB keyboard and mouse. By removing firewire they’ve left a lot of potential customers in a bit of a conundrum. What to do with those peripherals that are based on firewire?

How Apple reacts to this backlash will be very interesting. I’ve always understood why people dislike Apple products, this is one of those reasons but in this case I think they’ve gone too far too fast. I do of course realize nobody is forcing anybody into buying a Macbook. It’s just that, when you want to live in the Apple world you choices are already limited.

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  1. Wow, this is thoroughly impressive. I’m actually more impressed that you found this article….. You are starting a revolution, my friend.

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