My Wii has now been back for a week and all is good. Although the shipping took forever the entire process went very well. It was refreshing to deal with a company that didn’t try to walk you through some idiotic script of did you try this and did you do that. I guess when you depend on your product to generate future sales you can afford to actually please the customer.

We (my brother-in-law and I) were able put a number of hours on it, along with the projector, playing a number of games including Resident Evil 4 and Super Swing Golf. My short review is, RE4 is a keeper, Super Swing Golf is hardly a renter. I usually stick to the first party Nintendo games so RE4 is a bit of a departure for me. Although I wasn’t able to put a lot of time into it, it was fun.

I stopped by our local Best Buy to pick up a classic controller. The place was filled with people and yet they had a number of Wii’s on hand and nobody swarming them. There are Wii’s on ebay selling for *less* than $250 (plus the outrageous shipping of course). Has demand slowed or production increased?

A while back I wrote about my luck when it comes to items I purchase and the service we get. Well it just seems to continue for me.

I just sent my Wii off for repair. It would begin to buzz loudly after playing for a while as the system reached operating temp. The “nice” thing about working with Nintendo is I got someone on the phone right away, they didn’t speak with any kind of accent and they didn’t try to walk me through some automated script that had nothing to do with my problem. They even told me my warranty would be extended another year from the date it was sent back to me. That’s good service.

Now tonight, as I write this, I’m on my laptop, plugged directly into my network because my wireless router, which is less than a year old, has seemingly gone haywire. I’m within 10 feet of the thing and I’m connected at 1Mbps. If I get connected at all, it isn’t for long and it’s very slow.

Poor me.

Today I was approached by someone in need of some help. They had purchased a VCR and DVD recorder combo and didn’t know how to use it. They asked if I knew how to use such a device. Having never had the desire to transfer video from tape to DVD (garbage in/garbage out anyone?) my was answer was no. They then asked if maybe I would read the book for them and then show them how to use the device to which my response was, sure, at my rate of $25 per hour.

To this the person, who works with kids, presumably a teacher at some level, responded with something along the lines of why do you get paid so much and the kicker, “my job is more important that yours.” This took be by surprise because for one it’s a little rude to throw around who’s job is more important and two because it makes me assume they think I should do the work for free. I mean seriously, here is a person asking me to do something they aren’t willing to do and balking at the idea that someone might actually want to get paid for it. Do they say the same thing any other trained service technicians working on their car, plumbing or what have you? Have they ever considered what they’re paying them in that case?

Besides that if they’re a teacher then why not…you know…teach yourself how to use an item you purchased?

Lots of great stuff came out of the Nintendo press conference at E3. I was able to read the live blog as it happened over on and here are a few of the highlights I picked out.

  • Mario Kart Wii coming and will be online sometime next spring and will include a plastic steering wheel attachment for the controller
  • Similar to the cheesy plastic steering wheel attachment offered with MKW a “zapper” has been create that allows you to attach the remote and nunchuk to a gun shaped thing. This allows you to move your character with the nunchuck and aim on screen with the remote. FPS games would be the major use here. Sold separately this item is $20
  • SSBB will be released December 3rd, online play as everyone already knew.
  • Madden 08 and FIFA 08 will both be online
  • Super Mario Galaxy to be released November 12
  • Lots of new games for the DS, Wii Fit for the Wii. Uses a pressure sensitive, wireless pad to determine how/where you’re standing. Interesting idea.
  • A new channel called Check Mii Out where you can vote on Mii’s created by others. No details on how it works or when it would be available, maybe it’s available now?

For complete info, head over to and read up on their E3 coverage. Lots of news for Xbox and PS3 fans as well.

I’ve noticed a new trend in child discipline. Counting. I hear parents every day counting to their kids when they’re doing something wrong and it just makes no sense to me. Granted, I’m pretty new to all this so maybe someone can explain to me why counting to my child is supposed to keep them in line but I’m not seeing it.

As I watch and listen to parents counting to their child I can’t help but wonder if the child is going to grow up thinking that they have until the count of 10 to do what ever they want. Many times the parent will count to some number, the child will stop and then nothing happens. What really does the child take away from that? I mean, will they be at home later that week and think, “I can pull my sisters hair until mom gets to 9, if I stop then all is well”?

Interesting new product coming from Microsoft called Surface. It allows you to interact with a computer using nothing more than the screen itself. I’m not quite sure yet if Surface is the OS itself or the entire experience from machine to OS but videos of the product show some interesting ideas. Being something entirely new, there is no telling what people will come up with for this thing.