A while back I saw a post on that talked about some new software that was currently in an invite only beta test called Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to synchronize folders between computers and if you watch the video over at their site I think you’ll be impressed.

But as I said, it’s invite only. So what is a guy to do right now? Well believe it or not Microsoft actually has something very similar and it too works with both Windows and Mac. Now if we’re to believe everything the the Dropbox video shows us, Foldershare isn’t quite as robust but it is free and and more importantly it is available now. Check it out at


  1. Hello,

    You wouldn’t happen to have any spare DropBox invites left, would you?

    I’ve tried Foldershare and BeInSync, and neither one works the way I would like. (Actually BeInSync, does what I want, it is just unstable on every PC I’ve installed it on so far.) I want to try DropBox so I can compare it to SugarSync. Sugarsync *almost* does what I want which is file versioning.


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