CPE WAN Management Protocol/TR-069

Been working again lately with OpenACS and making some progress. Thought I’d link to a few of the places I’ve been getting help in case anyone else out there is also interested in this.


OpenACS is an open source CWMP/TR-069 server and is proving to be quite useful.


  1. 🙄 Hi, I’m trying to get openACS up and running. Pierkys blog refers to a openacs-src-0.3.zip, but this is NOT available on SourceForge. Can you tell me what you did to get it running? [email protected]

  2. I installed directly from svn for my systems. You absolutely must use the exact software versions mentioned as it is the only combination I could get working properly.

  3. I’m trying to get Pierky’s tutorial working, what repository did you get openacs-src-0.03.zip from? Do you remember?

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