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Updated Feb 2023 to remove the use of the incubator chart which has gone dead and replace it with something else. It also updates information about the persistent storage CSI I am using.

In this post I’m going to review how I installed Rundeck on Kubernetes and then configured a node source. I’ll cover the installation of Rundeck using an available helm chart, configuration of persistent storage, ingress, node definitions and key storage. In a later post I’ll discuss how I setup a backup job to perform a backup of the server hosting this site.

For this to work you must have a Kubernetes cluster that allows for ingress and persistent storage. In my cluster I am using nginx-ingress-controller for ingress and democratic-csi. The democratic-csi-iscsi is connected to my TrueNAS Core server and creates iSCSI based storage volumes. It is set as my default storage class. You will also need helm 3 installed.

With the prerequisites out of the way we can get started. First, add the helm chart repository by following the directions on located at Once added, perform the following to get the values file so we can edit it:

helm show values eugenmayer/rundeck > rundeck.yaml
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