I’ve never played a console game online before

So I have a little something to admit. I’ve never played a console game over the internet. No really, I never have. Way back in the day when 56k was the next best thing I played a Star Wars game online with a buddy but that’s pretty much the extent of what I’m done.

So I picked up Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii the other day because the idea of online play got the best of me, and because I heard my brother had gotten it for himself and I figured we’d be able to against each other over the Internet, just like we used to do when we lived at home.

I promptly got to work getting to know the game. I’ve never played a Mario Strikers game before so the whole idea is new to me. After a bit of learning how to play and getting used to the controls I went ahead and got online to get my first taste of what it’s all about. Well, I found out that I really stink and it took me a number of matches before I found someone at my level of play. I also learned something about myself. I’m really competitive and I hate being dead last on the charts.

Another thing I discovered is that online play without being able to communicate at all with the other player really makes the whole thing seem rather cold and hostile. There is something about playing someone who is sitting next you, even if you’re getting beat repeatedly that makes it fun because you can still marvel at their great plays or moves and then take a break from it all and drink a beer. There have been times when I’ve gotten pummeled where I’d like to be able to congratulate them, tell them I liked their playing style or ask for some tips.

That said, the game is still a ton of fun even if the chaos is over the top.

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  1. Hey man, I have NEVER played a console online game, ever, and never have thought deeply about it. All I’m interested in is the epic campaigns to marvel and beat (slowly over time). When I played the stages and beat, I’m glad that I did and don’t even think about the online gaming. It’s stupid and chaotic anyways.

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