iPhone on Verizon on 6 months

Just heard from someone who has *used* one of seven iPhone’s in the Fargo North Dakota area on the Verizon network. Person was told it would be available on Verizon’s network in about six months.


  1. Sorry, what I posted is exactly what I was told. The person talking to our group last night simply mentioned that he knows a higher up working at Verizon in the Fargo area who allowed my source to make a phone call with the iPhone running on the Verizon network. As far as 3G vs LTE or a 4G phone, I can’t say and I honestly doubt my source would be able to tell that either.

  2. Cool…Thanks for the followup. Think this is substantial news? 6 months seems like an odd time frame. Of all the tech rumors, this seems like the one where people make the most things up. Credible source?

  3. I’m not sure when he was able to use the phone so it could have been back in January, putting the release in late June or early July. As for credible, I have no reason to trust or not source him but he was quite convincing that he was actually allowed to hold the phone and place a call with it.

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